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Pozzolana Introduction:

Pozzolana volcanic activities, that is fine pyroclastic material. Of rocks, minerals, volcanic glass fragments of less than 2 mm in diameter, and others which will be very fine Pozzolana carved out of volcanic dust called. Solid and liquid volcanic ejecta, the maximum amount of Pozzolana, the most widely distributed, they often has dark gray, yellow, white and other colors, the accumulation of compression becomes tuff. When volcanoes erupt, rock or magma is crushed into fine particles to form Pozzolana. Pozzolana Unlike soot, it is hard, insoluble in water.the underground magma molten state was under great pressure, magma ejected from the crater fog, this process called magma atomization. Like the water spray under pressure, the water from the spray nozzle to form a mist. Mist cooling and solidification of magma formation Pozzolana.

The advantages of Pozzolana Cement:

Containing natural or artificial active silica, active alumina-based mineral materials ground into fine powder after mixing with lime water, not only can harden in the air, in water and can continue sclerosis are known Pozzolana Cement quality hybrid materials with twofold nature of the glass phase and microcrystalline phase. Initially Pozzolana Cement is the volcanic eruptions of magma ground, because the ground temperature is low, the pressure generated by the cold and glassy poly substance, after it was discovered that the incorporation of volcanic eruptions “Pozzolana Cement” in lime, the only can be cured in air and in water, can be cured, generally obtained similar hydraulic cement properties. This shows Pozzolana Cement is an active substance mixed material mixed material, it can be used as a mixture of Portland cement material, made ​​Pozzolana Cement Portland cement and fly ash cement.

Pozzolana Cement Production Line:

Pozzolana Cement has so many advantages and features, so also received praise from all walks of life, we all like to use it, so Pozzolana Cement Production Line is very necessary because of the large volume production Pozzolana Cement essential for this production line. Our company zenith happy to provide you Pozzolana Cement Production Line programs.

Pozzolana cement production equipment

Pozzolana cement production line as raw material preparation, can be divided into dry process (including semi-dry method) and wet (including half wet) two kinds.Shanghai Zenith mining machinery co., LTD is a professional production and sale of modern leader. This company produces the dryer, grinding equipment, crushing equipment, all the precise calculation of design by senior engineer operating computer. Welcome to consultation, online customer service, for equipment quotation and technical parameters of information.