Quarry Crusher

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Quarry crusher Market Demand: growing domestic building construction in 2011, domestic demand stone market is also very objective, according to the market conditions, investment in mining industry outlook good. Mining equipment is equipped with dust removal device for professional, not the surrounding dust pollution, can be used for very much, make stone material such as: a variety of rocks, shale, limestone, granite, cobbles, pebbles, Xuan Wuyan and other hard materials can be used as the artificial production of stone material industry, made of stone and is very suitable for providing qualified aggregate building materials, roads, bridges, city construction, hydropower industry. Mining field equipment (mining equipment factory), single cylinder cone crusher has less energy consumption, high efficiency, widely used in mining rock and all kinds of metallurgical mineral slag treatment, on hard and abrasive material quarry equipment more efficient quarry crusher more functions.

Quarry crushing machine factory

Basic Info

Quarry investment estimate
Only a quarry equipment investment reached 120-140 million, plus other trivial items and various other mining quarry procedures cost, total investment will exceed 2000000.

Quarry Crusher: coarse crushing equipment
PE jaw crusher, HJ jaw crusher,PEW euro jaw crusher
The crushing capacity is strong, dedicated to the raw ore first broken links, can be large, hard stone crushing to a medium size.
[discharge]: 100-300mm specifications
[Production capacity]: 60-1000t/h
the European version of PEW jaw crusher

Quarry Crusher: crushing equipment
CS cone crusher, HPC multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, HST single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher,PF impact crusher , PFW and the European version of crusher
Cone crusher and impact crusher crushing with high efficiency, excellent finished stone grain shape, can be used for second or third broken links, customers can reasonable allocation according to the specific production requirements, the detailed inquiry service.
[discharge]: 3-70mm specifications
[Production capacity]: 50-700t/h
the European version of crusher

Quarry Crusher: fine plastic, mechanism of sand production
5X series sand making machine, VSI sand making machine
For crushing plastic further on the stone, to make it more in line with the construction aggregate demand, production of broken stone and sand.
[discharge]: 1-5mm specifications
[Production capacity]: 20-640t/h